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He Jianxin Attends the 10th CDIO Forum at SP and Signs Cooperation Memorandum
September 22, 2017   审核人:

Sept.11 and Sept. 15.

Vice President He Jianxin of CUIT and his delegation attended the 10th CDIO forum at Singapore Polytechnic and signed the cooperation memorandum.


The forum was hosted by SP, with the attendance of about 120 delegates from 12 countries including China, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, Canada, India, Mongolia etc. The forum consisted of keynote speech concerning the Development of CDIO and Its Future, the Integration of Engineering Concept with Industry and Experience-sharing of the Reversal Class as well as group discussions. As one of the universities that first joined CDIO organization in Asia, SP had made a remarkable achievement in engineering practice education.


He Jianxin and his delegation received a warm welcome by Vice President of SP, then two parties exchange views on developing CDIO teacher training program and student innovative engineering practice that had long been discussed before and signed CUIT-SP Memorandum of Understanding for Innovative Engineering Practice Project. The project is planned be started up soon. CUIT will start to send teachers of relevant specialties to get trained in SP, and on March of 2018, the Innovative Engineering Practice Project is expected to be developed by both delegation of teachers and students of SP and teachers and students of CUIT.    

After the conference, delegates from our university paid a visit to Fab LabFabrication Laboratoryof SP. Fab Lad was launched by Massachusettes Institute of Technology,MIT and Center for Bits and AtomsCBA, aiming at exploring the innovative model around Innovation 2.0. Up to present, Fab Lab has founded over 700 innovation labs. Deputy Dean of College of Engineering, SP Sudhir introduced innovation projects developed by Fab Lab and displayed the innovation works accomplished by the students.  



Delegation to the CDIO forum includes Wu Sijiu, Director of Teacher Development Center; Fangrui, Senior Administrator of College of Computer Science; and Gai Qiuyan, translator from the International Office.


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