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The Opening Ceremony of 2017 Summer School of CUIT
July 17, 2017   审核人:

12th July, 2017

2017 Summer School of CUIT had its grand opening ceremony in the International Conference Hall. This event invited 21 foreign experts from famous universities of 11 counties to join with CUIT students from 16 schools. Vice President He Jianxin and leaders from schools participated in the opening ceremony.

He Jianxin welcomed the International Foreign Experts group and sent gratitude towards their contribution to the event. He pointed that CUIT Summer School responds to the Belt and Road initiative and fulfills the mission of cultural inheritance and innovation and international communication as an university.  2017 Summer School of CUIT offers teachers and students with academic lectures, cultural classes, practice projects and various interesting theme activities, which could enable all to receive international atmosphere edification and enjoy the charm of Chinese traditional culture. He stressed that CUIT takes building an open and distinctive information and engineering university of high level as the goal, hoping that vitality and motivation could be brought to the endeavor of building an open university with the coming of all foreign experts and participating of CUIT teachers and students. He added that our students should cherish this opportunity by being curious and thoughtful and learn to cultivate the global consciousness and international awareness.



Shaw-Hwa Lo from Columbia University and the student representative, Zou Rui, from Logistics School made speeches on the opening ceremony.

He Jianxin awarded certificates to the experts one by one, which officially kicked off the 2017 Summer School of CUIT.

During the Summer School time, a variety of programs will be carried out. We welcomed all teachers and students of CUIT to join us and enjoy this event.


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