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Dr. Eric Yipeng Liu from University of Birmingham attends CUIT Management Forum
July 11, 2017   审核人:

28 June, 2017

Dr. Eric. Yipeng Liu, Director of Business and Regional Economics Department of Business School of University of Birmingham of UK, attended CUIT management forum and gave an academic lecture entitled Emerging - market firms mergers and acquisitions for teachers and students in Conference Room 1213, Longquan Campus. The lecture was presided over by Li Guiqing, Deputy Dean of School of Management with the attendance of about 100 teachers and students from Management School.

Dr. Eric Yipeng Liu started his lecture with the current emerging countries stepping to advanced economies, pointing out the general pattern of Chinese enterprise globalization --- going out, making overseas mergers and acquisitions and learning and exploring foreign management modes.

Dr. Eric. Yipeng Liu provided many practical experiences in management for Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions research in his lecture, which had a practical guiding significance on researching multinational enterprises, the country’s industrial structure, industrial service, enterprise management and labor employment and other practical problems.


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